Monday, October 7, 2013

Motivational Monday #51

Happy Monday my friends!  I haven't posted in two weeks, sorry about that.  With my new job, and trying to balance two jobs, plus building an addition, I've been a little stretched for time.  And the little time I do have for myself, I'm trying to spend with the hubs and my pup!!

To start this weeks motivation, I thought I'd share with you what I did this weekend!  I participated in the Walk for Life on Saturday morning.  I walked with my friends who were walking in memory of their family member Sally Williams Rentz.  I walked for three women in my family, three surviving women: my Grandmother Loo, my Aunt Wanda, and my Aunt Shirley.  I am proud to say that my grandmother is cancer free and has been for a very long time, and my aunts are both in remission!!!

Look at all that PINK

Over 8,000 people participated in the run and walk.  Which was a record turnout for Columbia.  Friend Sara Krisnow, organized this whole shebang, and she did a fabulous job!!  

So if your city, is doing a Walk for Life or any walk to raise money for breast cancer, please sign up!!  It's for a wonderful cause, and I'm sure many of you know someone directly who has had breast cancer or been affected by breast cancer.  Help fight this horrible disease!!  And plus, when you walk or run, you are getting be healthy!!

And now to this week's Motivation!!!  Enjoy!!




  1. Great post, Christy. This campaign is a great cause. The crowd of pink gives me chill bumps!! We have a huge walk in my home town of Montgomery.
    Have a great week!

  2. I love your motivational mondays, they rock! Great cause, Christy!!