Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivational Monday #3

Last night the NY Giants won the Super Bowl; I guess they wanted it more!  I'm not a fan of either team, so I didn't really care who won.  I guess I was pulling for the Giants.  Chris won $60.00 on the last quarter for the score on these square things.

I thought I would do a recap of my favorite commercials.  I mean after all, that's the main reason why I watch the Super Bowl.  I really liked the Chevy truck ad (not sure why) and the M&M Ad was cute.

But before I get to those commercials, what did you think of Madonna?!  The hubs wasn't excited about her doing the half time show, because after all, what man really listens and likes Madonna.  I know she was selected just for the ladies.  She did an AWESOME job!!  Even the hubs thought her performance was good.  But let's be honest, who didn't think she would be good.  And we all know she lip-sinked, but who cares.  And I just knew she heard my calls and pleas because I really wanted her to do some more of her 80s music other than Vogue, and she did!!  I wanted to get up and dance, but refrained myself (since I was at a friends house and around 20 something strangers).  I am not a fan of her new song with Nikki Minaj.  Did anyone see her almost not make it up the bleachers?!  Other than that, she did a great job!

So here's the ads:
If this doesn't make you wanna go the gym, I don't know what will!!

Love this one...super cute!!

This one is for Angela!!  Her favorite ad

She can sing!
This is the one that made me laugh...don't know why?!
What ads were your favorite?  What did you think about Madonna's performance?

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